A Star Shines on the Hour of Our Meeting

Hello world! My name is Violetta Echo, and I’m so excited to finally be starting this literary journey of spouting off on pretty much any topic of interest I so choose.

I’m a ranter; when I get into something I get really into it. The Lord of the Rings took over my life at 11 years old, and nothing will get me more heated than an argument against it. Since then it’s either been I love something with my whole being, or I despise the very air it breathes.  And so the main reason I have started this blog is to rant to an audience that gets me.

My other passions, Pixar and acting, may seem to have nothing to do with LOTR, but my goal is to show how they all connect so it really isn’t random at all, but merely organized chaos. Yes, even in the seemingly counterproductive “Corner of Randomness.” That’s the home for everything not related with my three passions, but will be about whatever passing thing I happen to feel strongly about at the time. I hope to connect with those who are equally passionate, probably not in all my areas, but in at least one of them.

And there you have it. I will be posting twice a week, hopefully, every Tuesday and Thursday. First an LOTR themed post, then a Pixar post, then acting, and finally something completely different.

And yes, I know that this probably will branch out in ways I’ve never thought of, because that’s how creative writing works. I’m glad it works that way, too, because I’m not sure I could love Frodo as much as I do now if Tolkien had actually stuck with Bingo. So bear with me as the promises I’m making now will inevitably not be kept. Nothing ever goes the way I think it will. But that makes it that much more exciting!


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