Sandwiches: An Appreciation Post

This is in response to Eric’s Pingback Challenge Weekend Wanderings. I too would like to see how Pingbacks work, because I’m not even sure what they are, so this post is not the most intellectual or relevant.

Seriously people, sandwiches are one of the greatest food creations in the history of ever. Right up there with pizza, and pizookies.  submarine-sandwich-702802_1920

One can literally take anything, put it between two pieces of a bread product, and boom, instant meal. And I do mean literally anything. I once saw on a recipe website that someone had had a peanut butter, mayonnaise, and lettuce sandwich. They claimed that although it sounded disgusting, it was actually really amazing. I believed them, but I still never had the courage to try it. Peanut butter and mayonnaise? Shivers.

But bread goes with everything, whether it be sweet, or salty, or savory, or spicy, or fishy…well, maybe not fishy. I can’t stand anything that comes from the sea. Even salt is an iffy for me.

But, I get that tuna fish is a classic for most, so fine, bread goes with fish, too. Which is just another reason sandwiches are just that amazing! Especially as bread products can range from crackers to tortillas to cookies! sandwich-933033_1280

And sure, the word sandwiches sound rather casual, but they can be served as a tea food, and at weddings, so they are clearly very versatile. And pretty amazing most of the time. This, coming from someone who thinks eating is for the most part a waste of time!

And how does this tie in to my mission statement of showing organization in chaos? Well, come on, look at this sandwich and tell me it isn’t a hodge podge of foods all neatly surrounded by bread!sandwiches-623388_1920


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