A-Z Challenge, Days 1-4


The word “challenge” does something to me that makes me feel like I can take on the world, so though this was a last minute decision, I am doing the A-Z challenge. But a little differently than the norm. I’ll be posting on Tuesdays and Saturdays (for this month only, because that makes more sense to me) so I will cover all the previous days in one themed post. Enjoy!

April 1: A is for Acting

The play I am currently in is Godspell. It opens tonight. I hate this show, and I think it’s weird, and in places it kinda goes against my religion. But oh my goodness, this particular production with these people and directors is more fun than I could have ever hoped. I don’t know why, because I still think it’s weird. Maybe it’s because the director really wanted us 10 characters to bond, and was constantly coming up with ways to help us do that. Maybe it’s because I haven’t been in very many musicals where emotion is conveyed, and I get to in this. Maybe it’s because there is only one song, “Learn Your Lessons Well,” that isn’t shared with anybody else, and it’s all mine. But whatever the reason, I couldn’t be prouder of this show and am so happy that it is opening night.

Godspell all for the best

Despite the fact I feel somewhat blasphemous right now.

April 2: B is for Blanking

I’ve never blanked onstage. I feel like, if you know the material well enough, and you should, there is nothing to fear. Everyone knows it’s just pretend anyway, and if you do something creepy or bizarre, no one can judge you because the show must go on. Of course, for me it may help that once something is cemented in my brain, it never goes away. The only problem is, it’s day two of Godspell and I didn’t have it cemented in my brain. So when my first line came up during the performance, I did blank. Completely and utterly. I have no idea what I said, because I was freaking the heck out at not knowing what came next for the first time ever. (Some random voice somewhere in my chaotic brain: This must be what stage fright feels like)

It was not a good feeling, people. Everyone said I covered it well, but my words of wisdom for the day are: cement the material in your brains. It is NOT fun to blank onstage.



April 4: C is for Chaos in Acting

Acting is chaotic. Theater people are very easygoing and relaxed, and late to everything. They don’t know their lines by dress rehearsals, and they finish their mascara right before they step onstage.

And yet, they do step onstage with their mascara done, and their lines memorized, and at the right time. Acting is about as organized as chaos can get, because everything is a dance. A puzzle. A team effort. Actors are all a little nuts, or they wouldn’t be in the business. But they have a common goal: to do the show well without screwing up, and while it is going on, they would do anything to make sure that happens.

It doesn’t matter how crummy the theater is, or how cheap the costumes or untalented the actors. Because that’s the chaotic part. The organized part is doing the job to the best of their abilities; essentially visually showing what I am trying to do with this blog.

And that is probably another of the many reasons acting calls to me so strongly.

April 5: D is for Disney Channel

I never watched Disney Channel growing up. So when I hear names like Hannah Montana, Kim Possible, and Lizzie McGuire, I kind of scoff at the idea that anyone would want to watch that kind of stuff. And yet, now that I’m an adult, the newer Disney shows are speaking to me. Good Luck Charlie. Mighty Med. Gamer’s Guide to Pretty Much Everything. Girl Meets World. Jessie. Liv and Maddie. Lab Rats. Phineas and Ferb. Descendants. Ant Farm. There are more, but I haven’t gotten emotionally invested in them.

And though I genuinely enjoy them, it’s strange to me that I’m appreciating the crude Disney Channel world now. But I think, that like a lot of other things in my life, it all comes down to acting. I watch these shows and every time someone does something humiliating, I respect their actor for loving the art enough to do it. Nearly every lead or supporting actor has a gig in another Disney Channel thing, and I get so excited watching their range. And I know that I myself would rather act in this fun, goofy, humiliating world than the big time world of Avengers or Star Wars, where so much more is at stake.

It’s not at all a realistic dream, but I’ve never been one for reality.


See you next time for A-Z challenge days 5-8!


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