A-Z Challenge, Days 5-8


Welcome to Part 2 of my A-Z challenge! I feel like such a cheat doing it this way, but if writing isn’t about creativity, than I don’t want to be a part of it! The truth is that I didn’t want 26 haphazard articles cluttering up my blog. Here we go:

April 6: E is for Emotion

Knocking out two challenges with one stone here! This is in response to this week’s WednesdayWeeklyPrompt on the Blogger’s Meetup. Do I cry? Yes, yes I do. All the time. In fact, if I haven’t cried in a week, I consider there to be something wrong with me. Like, maybe I’m becoming a zombie, or I’ve just been hallucinating everything. I usually don’t show it in public, but I was the kid who bawled every time my mother dropped me off at preschool and kindergarten, so my pride was lost at a very young age. I don’t remember the last time I cried, but it was probably recent, because I’m a Depressionist.

And I will almost never watch a TV show or movie unless I think it will make me cry. Because I live for that kind of media.

The last time I saw people cry was Sunday, at Godspell. There is a very moving scene where the disciples all say goodbye to Jesus, with no words, but with hugs and moments while the chorus sings in the background. It does a number on the audience every time, especially because right after that is the Crucifixion. And there are always at least two actors who are shedding real tears during that period. I haven’t yet, because I’m always having too much fun onstage to be sad enough…sigh…

Anyway, I approve of people showing their emotions. Maybe its because I’m a theater person, and those are all super emotional. Or maybe it’s because I think vulnerability is romantic. Whatever it is, I love seeing actors cry, and I love doing it myself. It sounds weird, but it’s so very comforting, in a way. And that’s not just the actor in me talking; it’s also the writer. Because I am learning you can’t be a writer if you there was never anything wrong with your life.

Emotions, people. They may be annoying, and they may come out at the wrong times, but they are so very amazing.

April 7: F is for Fletcher Quimby

Few people have heard of the Disney Channel show A.N.T Farm, and that’s because it is really bad. The leads are awful, the story is awful, and the idea is awful. But I’m watching it anyway, because of Fletcher Quimby.


I can’t handle how adorable he is. I’m not sure how old he’s actually supposed to be, but I think he looks about eight. He’s the one everyone’s picking on, and he can’t get the girl, and he has the most inspired facial expressions. (His actor plays Oliver in Mighty Med, who is pretty much the exact same character. And Oliver’s pen name is Quimby Fletcher!) But I adore him in spite of (or maybe because of) these traits, and when he does his girly “la lala lala lala,” I just about die.

I don’t know why I’m sharing this with the world. But he’s the thing I’m freaking out about today, and I wanted to save you all from muddling through this show like I am, as well as pointing out the genius that is this kid.

April 8: G is for Gargoyle

A few years ago I was given a book of writing prompts. One was to find the word of the day on the Merriam-Webster website, and to write a story based on that word. The word when I did it was “gargoyle,” and this is my 2-minute attempt for your judging pleasure.



Once upon a time there were three gargoyles who lived on a certain balcony of a certain castle in a certain kingdom. The balcony led to the princess’ playroom, and so she grew up playing with them as she did any other toy. They were always the villains of course, or the dragons or the big bad wolves, because they were so ugly. But the ugliest one by far was the third one, who was short and fat with warts and hair all over him, and the princess always made even his brothers mock his ugliness. But one day after the princess’ 21st birthday, she came to say good-bye to her playroom, because she had to go see several princes who wanted to marry her. “Fare thee well, oh my gargoyles, who provided me much entertainment at thy expense,” she said. The ugliest then said, “Princess, I know I’m ugly because I’m a gargoyle, but did you have to call so much attention to it?” She was very surprised to hear him talking and said, “I beg your pardon, but I had no idea gargoyles had feelings.” “Well, I do,” he said. “Kiss me and you’ll find out why.” It was hard, but she did so, and he turned into a most handsome prince who had been cursed. And of course they got married after that, or else this story would have been much longer. The end.

April 9: H is for Happiness

*Note from the editor: the writer of this has a twisted view of the world and should not be taken as philosopher material.

Maybe its because I’ve never had it, but I don’t feel the desire for happiness. I know, I know. Everyone wants to be happy. That’s literally what we were created for, among other things. But I feel like those who are happy are at a disadvantage, because they are so ignorant and oblivious, and are just going to have disappointments that come harder because they were happy beforehand. Of course I haven’t seen a whole lot of truly happy people in my life, but, I mean, most children are happy, right?

But having depression is no fun, either. So, what do I want?

I want to be contented.

I want the feeling of wanting nothing more, and needing nothing more. And trust me, that is not the same thing, because there have been numerous times at theater where I had that feeling, and yet I was not happy. The difference is that being content still means there are problems in your life, and there’s that nagging feeling that your contentedness is standing on the edge of a knife, and if it strays but a little it will fail, to the ruin of…well, me I guess. I mean probably, again I don’t know what happiness feels like. But one of the many reasons I do acting is to capture that feeling of being content, because I can only get it there.

See you next time for A-Z challenge days 9-11!





2 thoughts on “A-Z Challenge, Days 5-8

  1. Interesting! So you’re doing it the A-Z Lite way, posting multiple ones at regular intervals! Helps to do it that way, am sure! I crashed out last year with F. This year am two letters ahead so far atleast and hope to complete it! Good luck! 🙂 Hope to see you around!

    Deepa’s Kaleidoscope

    Liked by 1 person

    1. Yeah, I’m not sure if it’s legit, but it certainly is easier!
      Congratulations on being ahead; I hope you make it all the way! This is my first time, so I’m hoping the same for me. : D


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