A-Z Challenge, Days 15-17


Wow, and now this one is up a day late. Not for lack of material though, but for lack of time.

Here is my A-Z challenge Part 5. Yay.

April 18: O is for Oh my gracious, I have an audition today

I hate auditions. I mean, it’s part of acting, so the word gets me excited, but when they happen I yell at myself for getting into show biz. That said, I’ve never shown up to an audition and not gone in. Which I can’t say for job interviews.

I use theater talk, so for me it’s not halftime, it’s intermission, and it’s not a congregation, it’s an audience. But a job interview is not an audition, it’s just a plain job interview. Because I feel like a job interview is real life, and if you screw it up, you’re branded as a failure forever. But an audition, even if it’s competitive, is for the world of make believe, so if you fail you simply lost a game. 

But acting is way more important to me than any job, so the stress doesn’t go away even though I’ve done more auditions than I ever thought I would! Godspell is over for me, so the only way to fill the void in my heart was to find another show, and today I auditioned for Seussical the Musical. And on Thursday I’m auditioning for Beauty and the Beast. Why do I put myself through this?

Because I did a pretty good audition, if I do say so myself, and when I got called back for the part I wanted, I felt like there was nothing in the world I couldn’t do.

Are these the lingering effects of teenage hormones?? Why must my feelings be so conflicted?

April 19: P is for People

Ohhhh why are people a thing? I think someone should just pay me a couple thousand dollars a month to stay in my room and watch Netflix.

I’ve only ever had one real, steady, tax-incurring job, and it was brutal. I couldn’t get out of it fast enough. It wasn’t because the work was hard, or the people were mean, or the conditions were bad. It was because I was out in the world with people, and not in the comfort zone of my room. I would do rocket science if it meant I didn’t have to leave my property. But today I was gone pretty much all day, driving my sister, tutoring a girl I know, and running errands. I was late for the first thing, and like a domino effect I was later for all my other commitments. It was the closest thing I’ve had to a job since my previous one ended, and I just felt the misery wash over me like a bucket of ice water. I can’t do extroverty stuff, I just CAN’T!

Tell me this isn’t terrifying!

So it is with a feeling of black hopelessness that I am looking at my summer, which will involve two part-time jobs that add up to a full-time one, and two plays which will require my attention every night and weekend. And a two-week road trip smack in the middle, which does not qualify as a relaxing vacation for me because it involves dealing with people out in the world, zillions of miles away from my comfort zone.

April 20: Q is for Queasiness

I know this is a really depressing, complaining, rambling post that’s all about me, but deal with it.  Today I have my Seussical callback, and even though normally I think callbacks are easier because they must have liked what they saw in my audition, I know I’m not ready for this one. My voice isn’t strong enough, and there are a lot of more talented people than me trying out for this. And then there’s a dance audition, which wouldn’t cause me so much stress if I didn’t want it, but I DO want it, and I’m weak dancer, too.

And turns out tomorrow I will be gone from 10:00 AM tomorrow until about 9:00 at night.

Not only am I feeling every kind of queasiness, but I think I’m having a mental breakdown.


And on that cheerful note, we end. See you next time for days 18-20!



2 thoughts on “A-Z Challenge, Days 15-17

  1. I love the way you are connecting your acting to this blogging challenge. So interesting! So whimsical. I’ll bet you’re even more interesting in person; at least I imagine you would be. I probably should mention I really vibrate when in the presence of positive Energy. Your blog is emitting such energy, so I’m having a wonderful time being here. I should go now because otherwise, this reply is going to grow and grow.

    Highest and Best

    Liked by 1 person

  2. Thank you! I do feel very energetic when writing about the things I love, and I think that’s why writing comes so easily to me. And thank you for all the sweet things you are saying! I never thought my random feelings could interest someone so much!


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