A-Z Challenge, Days 21-23


Aaaand, here’s the latest one by far. And probably the sloppiest. I hate this new Wednesday/Saturday thing; next week I’m going back to Tuesdays and Thursdays.

Here’s my  A-Z Challenge part…7?!

April 25: U is for Upular by Pogo

This is the first video by Pogo I ever watched, and I could never find one after it quite as good. It’s really soothing and fun to try to figure out where in the movie all the lines come from, so y’all should go watch it!

April 26: V is for Violet Parr

I am Violet, and Violet is me. (At least when I was fourteen, which is how old she is) I mean, look at her name and look at mine! 

Violet Parr is the daughter of Mr. and Mrs. Incredible (because I think when Elastigirl got married she should have taken her husband’s name). She has invisibility, which I’m fairly confident I have, and if I don’t I want. She’s super shy and super sarcastic and semi-aloof from her family, until they all bond while being superheroes. I so relate to that, minus the superhero thing. Did I mention she also has forcefields?


So even though I struggle with the age-old question of which Pixar movie is my favorite, I have no doubt that Violet Parr is my favorite character.

April 27: W is for WALL·E

I wasn’t really in my Pixar fandom when this movie came out. I didn’t even know it was Pixar! I just loved how the cute little robot said “wWALle,” and that’s why I wanted to see it.

The magic of that voice has never gone away.

I think this must have been the hardest movie they ever did, because first they had to set up the story at the beginning of the movie using only pop-up ads, if you will. Cornelius Hackl from Hello Dolly didn’t do much in that area. (But I was in that show a few months ago, and so I actually can dance a real live dance when that song happens, now.) And then their leads still didn’t talk (much) even after becoming friends, and even after getting on a shipload of humans.

And a love story between machines? Who’s going to buy that?

I did, that’s who, and Earth (see what I did there?) did along with me. I still don’t know how it worked, or why it’s so adorable, but it is.


See you next time for the final A-Z Challenge, Days 24-26!



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