A-Z Challenge, Days 24-26


Here is is! Finally! The last day, the last letter(s). We made it! (and these intros got shorter by the post.)

My final A-Z Challenge, Part 8.

April 28: X is for Xylophagous

This word has something to do with bugs eating through wood, I think. I used it as an exlamatory word for this story where I had to start every sentence with the next letter of the alphabet. I did it in about 10 minutes:

After drinking the milk, Victor began to have horrible spasms. Being a boy of foresight, he called to his family and began to make his way to his bedroom. Carefully lowering himself onto the bed, he took pen and paper and began writing his will. Doors slammed as his family rushed to his aid. “Everything is fine,” he said. “From now on, however, you should not have milk, for I have been poisoned.” Great was the anguish of his beloved family. “How can this be?” sobbed his mother. “If only your father would come home! Just hold on a little longer, my son!” Knowing he would surely die, the boy finished his will and gave a smile of utter contentment. “Let me go,” he said quietly. “Maybe my death will be a revelation to the milk industry.” “No, no!” cried his mother. “Oh, say that you are not going to die!” “Probably they will revoke it,” the boy murmured, still thinking about the milk. “Quite possibly they will kill all cows and goats, because of my humble death. Really would be an honor. Still, I don’t suppose that would help the starvation crisis in this world.” The attitude of a martyr that Victor bore was driving his sister crazy. “Ugh!” she said. “Victor was never so sappy!” What a coincidental moment it was that Victor’s father came home and read the situation at once. “Xylophagous!” he cried. “You have eaten too many cookies, my son, judging by all the chocolate on your face!” “Zooks, then what am I doing here?” asked Victor, and ran outside to play football.


April 29: Y is for Youth

When I was little, I never got why big scary grown-ups always talked down to or were disgusted by little kids. Didn’t they know they started out as such? I figured they just forgot how it was.

And now I’m a big scary grown-up being disgusted by kids. And it’s not because I forgot what it was like. It’s because I’m trying to forget all those traumatizing years with people laughing at my advanced language, or not taking me seriously. Yep, I hated being young.

That and I was a different type of kid. I cried every day of preschool and kindergarten, I was always smarter than adults gave me credit for, and I had such an active imagination that I purposely avoided playing with other children.


And I’m still pretty young, so can I please just stay this way until I die? I don’t want to be a “carefree” kid again, because I was never without cares. And I don’t want to be an old lady whom nobody knows what to do with and are always annoyed by because of all her needs.

But I don’t want to live forever either, because I think that would get pretty boring, and there’s Heaven after this and all. So…this system is probably best.

Also, it turns out I’m not crazy about children in general, and I’m embarrassed to have ever been one of them. Of course I’m still growing out of my teenage mindset. You know, the one where you’re embarrassed by everything?

April 30: Z is for Zootopia

Well, I saw Zootopia. (So prepare for spoilers.) I didn’t mean to. I wasn’t even going to, but then I kept having dreams about it, and as everyone knows, dreams are the surest way to determine our life choices. So I had to, or face the wrath of fate.

And, well, it was weird. I think I liked it. But it was weird. Normally I’d steer clear of anything that tampers with a person’s mental state, but it was so romantic when Nick pretended to have that done to him that I forgave it. Even though I knew going in that it was all an act. I also thought this movie was kind of like Tangled, with the energetic, perky, optimistic, naive Rapunzel character in Judy, and the street-smart, quippy, heart-of-gold-underneath-the-sneaky-appearance, almost death at the end Flynn character in Nick. I think as a whole, this movie was clever. It was fun to watch, though again, a lot of weirdness. But I think what helped is that I really liked Nick Wilde. Like, to the point of I would have had a crush on him if he were human.

And there is more I want to say about this movie, but it’s not like I was going to devote an entire post to this piece of half garbage and half whenwillitbeonNetflix. But I said the important stuff. Nick saved this movie for me. Watch it or don’t; it won’t affect your life either way, though according to my dreams it was affecting mine.


YES! Mission accomplished! Congratulations to all who took on this challenge, and have now completed it! See you next week!



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