One Piece of Advice

So I haven’t posted anything here for about a month. Again, not for lack of material, but lack of time. Very sad for me, but probably no one noticed. Oh well.

But I’m back now, and I am taking on Kathleen Duncan’s June 1-30 challenge. Which surprises me, because after the A-Z challenge I was sure I wouldn’t do anything requiring me to post every day again. And yet, here I am, because I’m a sucker for writing challenges.

I’m going to try to keep these themed like I do with all my other posts, but we’ll see how that goes.

Here we go!

Day 1: Share one piece of fatherly (or motherly) advice

Well, I’m neither a father nor a mother, and I really doubt I will be anytime soon. Especially the father one. But, everyone has advice, so here’s mine:

Always know what you’re getting into.

I realize that’s a fancier way of saying “Be prepared” (cue Lion King soundtrack), but that’s not exactly what I’m saying. I’m saying getting out of anything is super hard, be it a relationship, or a job, or a college, or some other kind of obligation, so make sure you know EVERYTHING you might hate about something before taking it on.

This may not be such a crucial piece of advice for everyone, because I think the majority of people just go with the flow, and for them there isn’t really a reason so bad as to make them want to leave. But for me I always have to know exactly what is expected of me, and what my escape route is before committing to anything.


That’s why I love acting. Nothing is long-term. If you absolutely abhor the people, the show, and the experience, it never lasts more than a few months. Even actors hired to work on a TV show for 10 years are still free at the end of 10 years.

Of course I always research the show I’m auditioning for, and the part I’m called back for, so there’s no chance of me doing something I’m uncomfortable with, but I know not everyone is so scrupulous.

And that’s my piece of advice for today. To answer the other questions attached to this challenge, I would tell my teenage self that being friendlier will get you further; I would tell a couple about to get married that it’s supposed to be forever, so they’d better figure out a way to make it work no matter what; I would tell a new blogger that you can literally do no wrong; and a piece of advice someone (and by someone I mean this is an LOTR quote) gave me is that the job that is never started takes the longest to finish.



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