5 Favorite Foods

Day 5 of the June 1-30 Challenge!

Tell us about your five favorite foods or five favorite restaurants.

Yeah, there’s no way I can theme this. Into the Corner of Randomness you go.

I have very mixed feelings about food in general, but I think these are my five favorites, in no particular order: 

  • Mashed Potatoes

Only if they’re not doctored weirdly, though. My mother always made them with just milk and butter, and I’ve never had any to quite compare.

  • Brownies

I’m picky with these too…if I buy a brownie somewhere and it’s really chocolate cake that they’re trying to pass off as a brownie, I get really annoyed, because I know the difference. Real brownies can only really be made from a mix.


  • Cheese Bread

This however, can pretty much mean anything to me! When I was little I was scandalized at the idea of putting cheese in or on bread, mostly because I don’t love cheese, but now it’s something I crave all the time.

  • Madelines

I don’t know what it is about these simple, slightly lemony pastries, but they’ve always tasted amazing to me, and I can never get enough!

  • Pizza

Because who doesn’t love pizza. I will almost never turn it down, and can handle a lot of the toppings commonly put on pizza, but honestly, when I’m choosing, I just want cheese. I like simple foods, as you can tell by this list, and I feel like with pizza why would you mess with perfection?


So none of those were very healthy choices, but if they were healthy they probably wouldn’t taste better than all the other foods there are in the world. Mine is a very boring list, but that’s because food and I really don’t get along, and I feel like fancy food is stuck-up food.

And here are my five favorite restaurants, just because!

  1. Roma D’ Italia (I only know of one, and it’s in Tustin California)
  2. BJ’s
  3. Polly’s Pies
  4. Macaroni Grill
  5. Sweet Tomatoes

Again, not very classy, because I just don’t care enough about food to like anything fancier. This may be the hardest post I’ve ever written!


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