The Whole Nine Yards

Day 9 of the June 1-30 Challenge.

When have you gone the whole nine yards? Write about it.

Or write a story of someone in a dangerous or difficult situation and how they go the whole nine yards.

I’m choosing the second option, because we all need to take a moment and appreciate the real hero of LOTR.


Samwise Gamgee.

This is not an original thought of mine; I’ve heard it in more places than one, and I agree wholeheartedly with it. Frodo may have been the main character; the adopted nephew of THE Hobbit, and the famous Ringbearer, but without Sam Frodo would have failed so many times.

I’m really taking liberties with this challenge today, because I’m not making up a story, but simply talking about one that already exists. To make up for that I’ll list nine times Frodo would probably have failed without Sam. Writing is always up for interpretation anyway.

  1. The first time the Black Rider entered Frodo’s life
    This is from the movie, and not the book, which I wanted to avoid doing for the most part, but I just loved this scene in the movie. The four Hobbits were huddled under that tree with the Black Rider sniffing around. Frodo felt an uncontrolable desire to put the Ring on, and started to, subtly. Sam wasn’t even sitting directly next to Frodo, but he knew what those fingers were doing, even that early on in the journey, and without a second thought put his hand out and prevented Frodo from doing it. Which was good, because the Rider would have found him right then, and the story would have been over.
  2. In the Old Forest
    This most definitely was not in the movie. When the other Hobbits gave into sleep, Sam could tell something was off, and so fought the impulse. And he was right in doing so, because when he went to find Frodo, a tree was holding him under the water, drowning him, and Frodo wasn’t even conscious! So of course Sam hauled him out and saved his life.
  3. When Gollum first attacked Frodo
    Frodo and Sam saved each other here, but the fact is that Gollum would have surely killed Frodo if Sam wasn’t there to fight him, too. And Gollum would not be as discreet in putting the Ring on as Frodo was, and he certainly would never have destroyed it, so Sauron would have found it eventually.
  4. In the Marshes
    Some may argue that Gollum would have done just fine in protecting Frodo by himself here, but I am of the mindset that part of the reason Gollum was so interested in Frodo’s welfare was because he knew Sam was on to him. If Sam wasn’t there Gollum could have just let Frodo follow the lights and be drowned, and then Gollum could have fished out the body and taken the Ring, and no one would have known.
  5. Through the entire Shelob’s Lair escapade
    This is way obvious. Shelob was all ready to sting and eat Frodo right then and there, and while she succeeded in the first part, Sam did enough “stinging” of his own to make sure she didn’t kill him. Of course he didn’t know that she didn’t kill him, so he took the Ring so he could finish the mission by himself, and thus kept it away from those awful Orcs who took the still-alive Frodo to their master.
  6. When Frodo was taken to Cirith Ungol
    This one is even more obvious than the last. Sauron is not known for keeping his enemies alive, especially when this one had his Ring at one point, and had no intention of giving it to him. Frodo would have suffered and died in the worst way possible, and he was already beginning to, until Sam found him, after searching blindly for who knows how long, and then got him safely out of there.
  7. When Frodo and Sam were mistaken for Orcs
    Frodo barely made it here anyway, but if Sam hadn’t been there to literally drag him to safety, he would have been killed whether they ever found out he wasn’t an Orc or not. I loved in the movie too how Frodo couldn’t stand anymore, and so told Sam to hit him. Sam, who wouldn’t have voluntarily harmed a hair on Frodo’s head, understood and did so. Frodo dropped like a marionette with his strings cut as Sam shouted Orc insults at him. It took everything in Frodo to hit back, but it worked, and as a fight broke out the two Hobbits were able to escape unnoticed. I LOVED that scene.
  8. The “last lap” to the Mountain
    Frodo was ready to die here even with Sam there encouraging him. But Sam found water in that God-forsaken land, suggested they lighten their load, and finally carried his master up the steps when Frodo literally could do no more. To say nothing of preventing the murderous Gollum from killing Frodo at the last minute. Oh, and can I just say that Sam didn’t kill Gollum, in spite of everything, thus making him still available to do the whole destroying the Ring thing?the ring 2
  9. Immediately after the Ring was destroyed
    Frodo knew they were going to die. Sam knew they were going to die. Frodo at least wanted nothing more at the moment, but Sam was still clinging to optimism in the heart of death, and he asked that they move away from the heart and die out in the open. And what a good request that was, because otherwise the eagles wouldn’t have found and rescued them, and/or they would have exploded with the Mountain first. Hooray for Sam’s unquenchable optimism!

Not to mention all the little things Sam did, like making rabbit stew or carrying more than his fair share, or just being the lighthearted, almost childlike Hobbit he was and keeping Frodo’s spirits up in the process. He was always looking for more ways to relieve his master; putting his all into it as much as any mother for her child. Besides the physical times he saved Frodo’s life, I know Frodo would have just laid down and waited for death numerous times if Sam wasn’t there helping him along.

UGH I need to stop now, because I could keep saying this for pages and pages. He went the whole ten out of nine yards if anyone ever did.

I LOVE this character so MUCH!!


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