Photo Challenge #2

Day 11 of the June 1-30 Challenge.

Post a picture representing the number 11. It can be eleven items, eleven people (think soccer team), or something showing the number 11.

So this is up late. Tears. It’s because pictures throw me. I had a set of 11 pictures with which to tell a story, but that will have to wait until some other time. I’ve only got an hour before this challenge expires.

So here it is: 11 small items I have representing Tolkien’s creation.

20160611_225614 (2)


You can’t really see it that well, because I’m really bad at pictures. Did I mention that?

1.On the far left, at the top, is my set of promotional “trading” cards for An Unexpected Journey, from when Denny’s was advertising that movie. I felt really low for trying to collect them all, but if you don’t look at the word “Denny’s,” they’re beautiful cards! And I have all twelve.

2. Next is A Tolkien Treasury, which is a tiny, tiny little book of quotes regarding or from Tolkien. Everyone should have one, just because of how adorable it is! Seriously, it’s only 3 1/4 inches tall! (I just measured)

3. Next to that is Bilbo’s Last Song, which was written by Tolkien as kind of an epilouge to LOTR. It’s Bilbo’s thoughts while departing Rivendell and going to the Havens. Everyone should have this book too, because it is so darn beautiful. It was illustrated by Pauline Barnes, who was a great favorite of Tolkien’s.

4. Back to the left again is a little Lego figure of Aragorn. When these Lego figures came out, I got sick just to look at them. Tauriel made everything that used to make me sick better by comparison though, so when my best friend moved away to become a nun and bequeathed this to me, I couldn’t refuse it.

5. Next to him is a brooch of a Lothlorien cloak, as seen in the movies. This is a cheap-o one from Costume Castle, and the clasp broke the day I got it, but I still keep it until the day I can afford an expensive one.

6. Next is a necklace my best friend/nun made out of clay before she left. It’s the acorn that is the pattern of Bilbo’s brass buttons, which met such a tragic end. Sorry guys, this is the one thing you cannot go out and buy. It is one of a kind.

7. Then is a little chess piece of Pippin. I have the whole set of course, but I chose to spotlight him. I never was offended by this set, but I could never play it, because one side is good and one is evil. I never want to play the bad side and capture my dear friends, but I’m never good enough to win, and I want my friends to win!

Friends meaning the chess pieces of course.

An argument could be made that I have problems.

8. Of course, there is a movie soundtrack next. Again, I have all three, but I decided The Two Towers would be suitable for this picture. I never get tired of this music, so just go buy it even if you have no intention of seeing the movies.

9. Going back to the left one more time, there is my as cheap-o Evenstar necklace. You know, the one Arwen wore and then gave to Aragorn and he…broke? I could never really tell if it actually broke or not. Mine didn’t break, knockoff from Costume Castle though it may be.

10. The next is a little plastic pen that is cleverly designed to look like Sting. I wanted Sting the letter opener, because that’s what it looks like to Balin apparently, but this was cheaper.

11. And finally is my LOTR deck of cards. I never play with them, because apparently they’re “hard to see,” but I think everyone says that because they’re too distracted by the beautiful people.

There I’m done. I love writing of course, and I’m not complaining, but I’m glad this isn’t a June 1-30 Photography Challenge.




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