In Defense of the Rebellious Scot

Day 14 of the June 1-30 Challenge.

Write a poem of at least fourteen lines. You may want to try writing a sonnet, but any fourteen line poem will do.

Ooh, so excited, and so scared! I’ve always been pretty terrible at poetry, but it is a writing challenge, and hey, that’s why I’m doing this in the first place, right?

So here is my sonnet, In Defense of the Rebellious Scot, which is about Merida from Brave

She was born with bow and arrow in hand
Leapt on a horse, and never got off it
Unkempt curly hair, with red on each strand
Avoided marriage with her skill and wit.
She thought she could change her fate with a curse
But her mum being harmed was hard to bear
They raced to fix it before she got worse
And they bonded without being aware.
I’ve never approved of how this ended
With our hero winning, though she did wrong
Yet I think she ought to be defended
For learning, with her mum, to get along.
For I too have a rebellious way
And I love my “mum” more than words can say.

Yeah, okay. Lesson learned here is: I’ll never be a poet.

But I DID it! It rhymes and everything!



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