My First Attempt at Expository Writing

Day 15 of the June 1-30 Challenge.

Today is your chance to experiment! Try a new writing style. Write about anything you wish. But you must write exactly fifteen sentences. No more. No less.

Dr. Phillip Sherman has never been the greatest of dentists, as any of his patients will testify. The public marvel that his receptionist Barbara has stayed with him all these years. He himself has admitted to only exercising the practice so he can fund his hobby, scuba-diving. He has obtained only three as pets, but based on the several that have been in his tank, he would like us to think that number is higher. But it seems that lately nothing has been working out for him, in either his hobby or his profession. A recent patient, the Australian Prime Minister, claims that he has been victim to sudden teeth-pulling and other jarring taxation of the skull, as a result of Dr. Sherman being startled by a pelican crashing into his window. Other patients have complained about his playing with his fish more than focusing on them, canceling appointments so he can clean the tank, and generally not watching what he is doing. And his niece Darla Sherman complains that the fish Dr. Sherman gives her for her birthday are always sleeping, and she has to flush them down the toilet. As of yet no one has pressed charges against the fumbling hygienist, but he does not appear to worry about raising his reputation among patients. He has announced a vacation of two weeks as he once again goes out on his boat, to find some new fish for his tank. His reason for doing this is that his previous tank residents have somehow escaped while he was cleaning their home, and undoubtedly met an untimely end when falling out the open window. He was only mildly surprised at this however, because a few days prior to this event, a pelican had flown into the room, and a fish had jumped out of the tank into his niece’s hair. He has been said to calmly state that they were probably old, and going crazy just like humans. Yet in spite of all his shortcomings, Dr. Sherman appears to feel very confident about the future. Look out Sydney, because this man’s questionable DDS isn’t going anywhere!

p sherman.jpg



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