Photo Challenge #3

Day 18 of the June 1-30 Challenge.

Post a picture representing the number 18. It can be eighteen items, eighteen people, or something showing the number 18. Maybe even an 18-year-old!

I was going to a picture of me, but then decided against that. There’s one of my 18-year-old self on my about page, anyway.

So I chose to do a screenshot of the 18-minute mark of Monsters University.

Monsters U.png

It’s a very iconic moment for the monster universe, because this is the scene where Mike and Sully meet. Actually, in this very second, Mike is showing Sully out because he has to to study his scaring. I heard those lines in these few seconds so many times because I kept trying to pause the movie at exactly 18 minutes. You’re welcome.

But here’s something nitpicky I found with this movie. In Monsters Inc., Mike says Sully has been jealous of his good looks since the fourth grade. But they didn’t know each other in the fourth grade, clearly, based on this very important scene where they officially introduce themselves to one another.

Maybe Mike was just exaggerating, though. And I get that the makers didn’t want to be tied to one sentence they wrote 12 years before this with no thought for the future.

This is the best picture I’ve taken so far!


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