Twenty Minutes

Day 20 of the June 1-30 Challenge.

If you could have a hot line to any person, dead or alive, who would it be? Who would you want to chat with if you only had twenty minutes on the hot line? What would you tell them?

If I could have a hotline to anybody, I would choose J. R. R. Tolkien. Of course. There were several names that came to mind; Sacagawea, Colin O’Donoghue, Natalie Portman, St. Peregrine…but I know Tolkien is truly my hero.


I’d be terrified of talking to him- I’ve  heard he could be quite gruff, and I’m scared to answer my own mother on the phone. But in my 20 minutes with him I would say “How do you deal with the sudden fame because of people who never knew you, the sudden fandoming over your beautiful creation, the sudden…commercializing of your universe? Oh, and your stories would be my religion if I weren’t already Catholic.” I wouldn’t want to say anything that would make him mentally put me in a category of the fickle public, but I wouldn’t want him to think I was unmoved, either.

Of course, if someone actually handed me the phone and told me Tolkien was waiting, I’d probably freak and ask for Natalie Portman instead. I respect my favorite author too much to bother him with my insignificant praise.


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