Twenty-one Gun Salute

Day 21 of the June 1-30 Challenge.

The Twenty-one gun salute is the military’s way of honoring someone. Who would you like to honor? Who do you consider a hero? Write about him or her.

Honestly, I can’t think of anyone in real life who hasn’t been honored and should be. Maybe that’s because my life is too comfortable.

So, as I always do when in doubt, I turned to fictional characters.

I consider Bonnie Anderson a hero, and would like to honor her. 


Not in the traditional sense, of course. She didn’t save any orphans, endangered species, or rain forests. But if anything had happened to those toys, there are whole nations of people who would have never gotten over it. And she saved them all, by saving Woody.

Think about it. Woody got stuck in a tree while trying to leave Sunnyside, and probably either a teacher or one of Lotso’s minions would have found him and taken him back if Bonnie didn’t find him first. The others were trapped, and even when they knew what was going on they could do nothing to stop it, because Lotso would have noticed if anyone was missing.

But Woody went to Bonnie’s and learned what he had to know about the daycare, in the safest of circumstances, because Bonnie is basically the female Andy. He went back to save his friends and had the advantage of being undetected, and of having an escape plan that hadn’t been tried before.

And granted he didn’t actually save them initially; they still had to go through that whole thing of nearly being incinerated in the garbage facility until the aliens rescued them (oh…), but the point is that they got out of Sunnyside.

And then Andy gave his beloved toys to Bonnie so they wouldn’t be stuck in storage… oh, no I don’t have time to cry today.


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