Day 22 of the June 1-30 Challenge.

Write about a time you were in a catch 22.

Okay, I’m still really struggling with the concept of a catch 22. I keep looking it up and staring at the definition, but for some reason what it is isn’t penetrating my thick skull. Is it…like…a paradox? Like a problem that keeps going in a loop? I’m going to go with that…so here we go.

I’m in a catch 22 all the time, because I have depression. Most people with unstable mental facilities would go and talk to someone. But my depression and anxiety prevent me from ever voluntarily opening my mouth. That could be solved by talking to someone, but, well, I can’t talk to people without getting help to talk to people.

But that’s okay; I don’t need therapy, and I don’t need medication, because LOTR is all the pep talk I need. I mean, yeah, I see all the terrible things that are happening in the real world around me, and I watch enough movies and TV shows to know that my life could be a lot worse than it is. But it’s always the journey of Frodo and Sam that makes me feel like my despair is petty, and so thinking of them snaps me out of the impression that my life is a black hole. That and listening to the songs from the movies.

And, unless I’m having a really bad day, using my imagination gets me out of a funk, too. I go and dangle my alter-ego over a pit of lava or something, and torture her, and then ultimately rescue her right before the plunge of course, but that always makes my life seem better by comparison, too.

Yeah, I’m living in a fantasy world. But until I can’t distinguish between reality and imagination, that won’t be a problem. I’m an actress, anyway, it’s like I have a built-in Peter Pan.

Mostly the point of this post though was to again promote the good attributes of The Lord of the Rings.



2 thoughts on “Catch-22

    1. Thank you for saying so! Most are of the opinion that the harmful self-medicating would help me…and it probably would in that area, but I believe it would open the door to worse problems.

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