In or Out

Day 23 of the June 1-30 Challenge.

Have you ever had to choose In or Out? Write about making a simple but difficult choice.

Yes, loads of times. But I’m the type that jumps to conclusions quickly, and doesn’t change her mind once its made up. So here is one circumstance where I actually went through torment of mind for several days, and long after.

Now, to the naked eye this won’t seem so life-changing. In fact, I originally was going to do the story of about a month ago, where I chose to leave a job for my own sanity, and I’m still feeling the bitterness of my family for it.

But that’ll likely come out another day. Today is about when I decided whether to stay in Annie Get Your Gun or not.

I was outgrowing my first theater company, Kids Musical Theater. Not only was I literally getting too old for it, but it was falling apart, and I was regular at a new theater company. I had just auditioned for Promised Land at the new theater, and was about to audition for AGYG at KMT.

But I began to reconsider this second one. I really wanted to do Promised Land. In two months it would be over, and I could do Annie for another two months. But AGYG would take up that entire four months, and could I really handle three full shows during the course of four months?

AGYG tickets for KMT.jpg

I didn’t want to. AGYG as a show didn’t even appeal to me at all; I wouldn’t even be considering it if it wasn’t with the theater I had once loved so dearly.

But I’d never missed a show there voluntarily. I only would be young enough for this last one; surely I could muddle through just one more.

It was rough. My audition was awful, my part was lowly, and the 3 1/2 months of rehearsals didn’t seem to be coming together.

And then- suddenly- two weeks before I graduated from this theater, it became amazing. Overnight it turned from something I was slogging through to something you couldn’t have paid me to give up. I still break into a cold sweat sometimes at the thought of how close I was coming to not being there for this show.

I cried and hurt so much at the end of it all, but I’m glad this theater let me go with lovely memories, and not with indifferent ones. I owe it too much to have just walked away unfeelingly.

KMT was never the same after this show. It’s always needed more people since only children 8-18 are welcome, but it has been rather abandoned and tossed into a corner as of late. It’s still running- kind of- but I think the current show has fourteen people in it.

AGYG was the end of an era for more than just me, and I believe it was my favorite at this theater. So I’m awfully glad for this situation I chose in.


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