Thirty Books

Day 30 of the June 1-30 Challenge!!!! That means this is the last one!!

Have you dreamed of writing a novel? Set a timer for thirty minutes and free write! Write whatever comes to mind, then take just a few moments to do some simple editing such as correcting grammar and spelling.

Alternative: Have you read Gone with the Wind? Do you want to read it? What books do you want to read? What books have you read that you recommend? What books do you not recommend or will you not read?

Give us your list of thirty books.

I don’t completely understand if I’m supposed to post what I wrote in my 30 minutes. But I will, because it’s the last challenge. So I’m going to do everything!

I hate cartoons, because there’s virtually nothing realistic about them. Their movements and bodily features are grossly exaggerated, the scenery makes me feel claustrophobic, like a nightmare I can’t wake up from, and of course, everything is two-dimensional.

But I love Phineas and Ferb like you can’t imagine. I love everything about it; the songs, the characters, the scenery that looks like real life, and the storylines. The finale is so beautiful to me that I’ve only seen it twice, and I have to wait a good long while before I’ll allow myself to see it again. I’m really embarrased about it actually, because how could a crude, rude humor Disney Channel cartoon capture my interest so wholeheartedly? I know the lyrics to every song, and there’s at least one song in every episode. About 10, I think, are special and have five or six songs. And there are 260-ish episodes. It makes me laugh in the way they brush through the jokes so quickly that there’s no time to laugh. And there’s hardly an episode that doesn’t reference another episode! I love when companies do that; that kind of inside jokery is what got me so into Pixar! I love every character in their own special way, but Phineas always had something for me. He was just always so sweet and happy and there wasn’t a cruel bone in his body, yet he was still all boy. Candace didn’t deserve him as a brother; but he loved her so much, and I love Candace, so I guess I’m glad they were siblings. I love how Ferb always knows what Phineas is thinking, I love the Perry and Doofenshmirtz relationship, I love how Irving is basically the audience, I love Isabella’s unashamed crush on Phineas, I love how Stacy tries to be loyal to her friend but gets seduced by the coolness, I love Major Monogram’s occasional obliviousness, I love how Buford and Baljeet care for each other so much that they cry when they’re seperated, I love how Candace’s mother (almost always) patiently comes to see what Candace wants, even though she knows there’ll be nothing there, I love that Vanessa is polite to Perry even though he’s her dad’s nemesis, I love how laid-back the boys’ father is on the rare occasions that he sees their inventions, I love how Jeremy can see past Candace’s quirky insecurities, and I love Carl and his nerdiness.

I was so depressed when I found out it was ending, and in the last episode when they’re wrapping everything up; saying it’s the last day and “thank you for coming along” and all that, I cried so hard the first time.

Clearly I’ve never experienced a TV show I’ve cared about ending before. At least not one I was interested in before there was a finale.

So I was beyond excited when I heard about Milo Murphy’s Law. It’s the same guys making it, and it takes place a couple of neighborhoods over from Danville, which is where Phineas and Ferb live. That means there’ll be a crossover episode somewhere along the line, and I’m already fangirling over that crossover. Milo is the son of said Murphy, and he is cursed with Murphy’s Law hanging over his life, but he finds a way to make the best of it. 

And then the cast came out for this, and I saw that Vincent Martella would be a character in it. Vincent Martella was Phineas, so I’ll still get to hear his voice! Sabrina Carpenter was cast as the main girl, but at the time the cast list came out, I neither knew nor cared who that was. Then of course, Disney Channel came into my life, and I fell in love with Girl Meets World, and Sabrina’s character Maya, and when I re-visited the cast list it was with a new definition of hysteria that I remembered she’d be a lead in MML!

I hate run-on sentences, but that one was necessary.

Milo Murphy’s Law is premiering this Fall, which is also about the time Once Upon A Time is coming back, so it needs to be Fall now, please. You’d think there’d be more information on this show. At least a promo video! I guess I have to wait until Comic Con is over before I get any of those.

I should have bought a ticket for that this year! I don’t live more than an hour away by train from San Diego!

So that’s what I’m counting the days to right now.


And here’s the second part of the challenge:

I have not read Gone with the Wind, but I would like to, some day. I have read War and Peace, The Brothers Karamazov, and Les Miserables, however!

I recommend this list of 30 books:

  1. The Lord of the Rings by J. R. R. Tolkien (shocker, right?)
  2. The Hobbit by J. R. R. Tolkien
  3. The Silmarillion by J. R. R. Tolkien
  4. Roverandom by J.R.R. Tolkien…oh forget it, just read everything by him
  5. Emily of New Moon by L.M. Montgomery
  6. Emily Climbs by L.M. Montgomery
  7. Emily’s Quest by L.M. Montgomery
  8. The Three Musketeers by Alexandre Dumas
  9. The Count of Monte Cristo by Alexandre Dumas
  10. The Robe by Lloyd C. Douglas
  11. Caddie Woodlawn by Carol Ryrie Brink
  12. Jane Eyre by Charlotte Bronte
  13. All Creatures Great and Small by James Herriot
  14. All Things Bright and Beautiful by James Herriot
  15. All Things Wise and Wonderful by James Herriot
  16. The Lord God Made Them All by James Herriot
  17. Every Living Thing by James Herriot
  18. The Story Girl by L.M. Montgomery
  19. The Golden Road by L.M. Montgomery
  20. The Bronze Bow by Elizabeth George Speare
  21. The Captain’s Dog by Roland Smith
  22. Anne of Green Gables by L.M. Montgomery
  23. Anne of Avonlea by L.M. Montgomery
  24. Anne’s House of Dreams by L.M. Montgomery
  25. Anne of Ingleside by L.M. Montgomery
  26. Rainbow Valley by L.M. Montgomery
  27. Rilla of Ingleside by L.M. Montgomery
  28. Eight Cousins by Louisa May Alcott
  29. Rose in Bloom by Louisa May Alcott
  30. $1 by Violetta Echo (Not that I’ve written it yet, but when I do…)

Wow. So what I found out today is I haven’t picked up a new book since high school, which is when I read all of these. Oh, well.

I think there are probably a lot of books I will not read or recommend, Twilight and Hunger Games being among them, but I guess I haven’t really had time to discover any new books in a while.

I do want to read Wuthering Heights by Emily Bronte at some point.

And I’m done; hooray! Congrats to all the participants who made it, and thank you so much Kathleen for hosting!





2 thoughts on “Thirty Books

  1. The James Herriott series of books really are wonderful reads.
    I just can’t get into the Twilight and Hunger games stuff – I think it is more for the young adult audience.

    Liked by 1 person

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