Secret Santa and the Meaning of Life

What?? Violetta didn’t die? Because that’s what we thought when she said she was coming back and then didn’t!

Yeah, I know. But hopefully the upcoming months will be better. I’ll be juggling about four plays, six college classes, a job, and possibly moving to Texas…all at the same time. I think blogging will be the only way to keep sane.

What that means is that my blog will undergo a little bit of revamping. I could try to relate my hectic life to LOTR, Pixar, and Acting on their corresponding days, and that would be fun, but it would also be another thing I’d always be thinking about. Like “today was my guitar class, and I was reminded of that scene in Monsters University when Mike rode through the hippie bunch on the pig…” So instead I’ll probably come up with some new categories, or I’ll leave the old ones there and pretty much only post in The Corner of Randomness.

But as is usual for me, I came here to talk about something and started talking about something completely different. What I came here to talk about was Secret Santa. I think everyone should find someplace that’s doing it, and join in. My theater group does it every year during its annual Christmas Carol, but it always seemed so silly and stressful and potentially awkward that this is the first year I’ve really done it. Because it might be my last Christmas with this theater group and all.

The way this theater group does it is once a week, we get a gift from our Secret Santa. It’s supposed to be something cheap-o, like a bag of candy or a tree ornament, and then for closing weekend of the show, they give a nicer gift and reveal their identity. And last night I got my first gift, and it was my favorite candy and soda, so all was good.

But there was something else, too…a typed up caligraphy note with a picture of a Christmas tree that read:

“Dear Violetta,
You’re a wonderful person to perform with. Have a wonderful Christmas!

Like, aww! I have no idea who it was, obviously, and they didn’t know they were going to get me, since we draw names at random. But aww! Someone out there thinks nice things about me, and they’re not anyone I’m super close to either, because no one at my theater falls into that category! The gift was mandatory, but they went above the call of duty by including this note.

Sorry, I may be making way too big a deal out of this. But to refresh your memories, I’m a Pessimist with Depression, so little things like this mean the world to me. So go out and be someone’s Secret Santa, because it’s not silly at all, it’s really amazing!

And yes, I realize it’s Thanksgiving season in real life, but I’m sorry, my theater group has made the transition with all this Christmas Carol business, and I must follow suit.

Secret Santa.jpg



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