“I just ate 6 ice cream sandwiches…” and Other Sentences that Should Never Happen

Inspired by me doing this.


  1. “I just ate six ice cream sandwiches.”
    What? It’s not like I was going to let them melt! I don’t have a freezer!
  2. “I don’t believe in keeping my snakes locked up.”
    Yeah, I don’t believe in letting the symbol of the devil run rampant. Especially when certain types are deadly.
  3. “Politicians are just so smart and caring!”
    The only time that’s an understandable sentiment is when it is a politician who is saying it.
  4. “Who’s Tadashi?”
    There are two types of people who watch Big Hero 6. Those who are upset when Tadashi dies, and liars.Tadashi.png
  5. “There’s still a week until Christmas; I’ve got plenty of time to find gifts.”
    Take it from someone who has spent more than a few Christmas mornings frantically wrapping: Christmas in July really is the best policy.
  6. “Tauriel was a great addition to the Hobbit movies.”
    I’m sorry, I didn’t mean to throw that rock at your window eight times. If you’re looking to move, I hear Neptune has a vacancy.

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