The Lord of The Rings from A-Z

And now, whenever someone wants to play this game with you, you can have this as a reference. I would keep J, K, and U-Z in mind. They were real hard, even for me.

A is for Aragorn. Strider, Elessar, Estel, husband of Arwen, King of Gondor…but mostly a skilled warrior and an invaluable friend. Also one of the Fellowship.

is for Boromir. I love him, no matter what anyone else says. He had a noble heart, and his worry for and loyalty to Gondor, his country, is what led him to be temporarily corrupted by the Ring. But he repented, and was deeply loved by his brother Faramir.

is for Celeborn. A wise ruler of Lothlorien, and the husband of Galadriel. He had silver hair, and she had gold, which were the same colors as the Trees of Valinor. I always thought that was interesting.

is for Denethor. Why him? Because he’s my least favorite character, that’s why. Everyone expects Sauron, Saruman, Gollum, and the other villains to do awful things, but Denethor had no right to say the things he did to his surviving son Faramir.

is for Eowyn. Who was not a feminist, I would like to point out. She was a Shield Maiden of Rohan, and had a strong spirit. I’m glad she ended up with Faramir, and I loved how protective her brother Eomer was of her.

is for Frodo. THE Ring-Bearer, though there were several before him. The most famous halfling in all the Shire, and quite a noble one. Did I mention he saved the world?

is for Gandalf. One of the five Istari, or Wizards, sent to watch over Middle-earth. He used to be grey, but when he died he came back as white, to fulfill Saruman’s duties.

H is for Haldir. He was the Elf who led the Fellowship into Lothlorien. I always liked him, even though he was a little foreboding in the movie.

is for Isengard. It used to be beautiful, until Saruman went insane and turned it into an orc factory. Luckily the Ents washed him out, and we assume they made it lovely again.

J is for Jewels of Feanor. Also known as the Silmarils, these three precious stones were made from the essence of the Trees of Valinor, and were the most beautiful things ever to be crafted. Due to the lust everyone had for them, one was eventually put in the sky as a star, one was cast in a fiery pit, and one was thrown into the sea.

is for Kili. I’m really trying not to think of the Hobbit movies right now. Kili the Dwarf was brother to Fili, and nephew to Thorin. All three died in the Battle of the Five Armies.

is for Legolas. My favorite character. Legolas the Elf was one of the Fellowship, son to Thranduil King of Mirkwood, skilled archer, translator in Lothlorien, one of the only Elves to befriend a Dwarf, and I always like to think that he was Aragorn’s best friend.

is for Merry. Meriodoc Brandybuck is a Hobbit who is best friends with Pippin, and is part of the Fellowship. He helped kill the leader of the Nazgul.

is for Nori. Nori is one of the Dwarfs who went on the quest to kill Smaug and reclaim the mountain. He is brother to Dori and Ori.

is for Osgiliath. Part of the land of Gondor, Osgiliath was constantly attacked by Mordor, and eventually was lost to it until the Ring was destroyed.

is for Pippin. Peregrin Took was best friends with Merry. His great contributions involved being bait so Frodo could escape with the Ring, freeing himself and Merry from the Uruk-hai, pushing Fangorn onto Isengard, and saving Faramir’s life.

is for Quickbeam. His real name is Bregalad, and he was the Ent sent to keep Merry and Pippin company during Entmoot. He is considered the hasiest Ent because he once said yes to a question before it was finished being asked.

is for Rohan. The land of horses, and home to King Theoden, Eowyn, Eomer, Shadowfax, and Wormtongue, but we don’t like talking about him.

is for Sam. Oh, Samwise Gamgee. He truly is the hero of LOTR. He was the constant companion of Frodo, and without him, the Ring undoubtedly would have been lost, or worse, found. In other words, not destroyed.

is for Thorin. I didn’t like him until the movie, so that’s one good thing the movies did. He was the King under the Mountain, until he was slain in the Battle of Five Armies.

is for Ungoliant. Little known fact, this is Shelob (the giant spider)’s mother. She worked with Morgoth to destroy the Trees of Valinor.

is for Varda. Also known as Elbereth or Gilthoniel, as is invoked by numerous characters in the book. She is the wife of Manwe, and the most beautiful of all the Valar.

is for Witch-king of Angmar. More commonly known as the leader of the Nazgul. He stabbed Frodo on Weathertop, and was stabbed himself by Merry and Eowyn on the Pelennor Fields, where he met his end.

is for Helcaraxe. I’m sorry, this is literally the only Tokien word that has an X in it. It is an icy waste between the lands of Aman and Middle-earth. Try not to land on this letter when you’re playing.

is for Yavanna. Yavanna was a Vala, who was married to Aule, was the older sister of Vana, and was related to Melian, Luthien’s mother.

is for Zimrathon. Ar-Zimrathon, if you want to be accurate, and I always do when it comes to this fandom. He was the twenty-first ruler of Numenor.

map of Middle-earth




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