You know what I really don’t understand? Tolerance. Tolerance is a word with many faces.

Because on the one hand the idea is that everyone accepts everything, so no one gets offended. But I’m offended by homosexuality, and I know quite a lot of people who are offended by theft. What about THOSE needs?

And it’s not even true that people who claim to be tolerant are even tolerant of everything. Because I just said that homosexuality offends me, and I know a lot of people are going to take exception to that. But if you’re accepting of everything, shouldn’t I get to say how I feel? And shouldn’t I allowed to be the Traditional Catholic I am without being persecuted and called exclusive? That’s another thing I don’t understand, because the Catholic faith is supposed to be exclusive, but it doesn’t shut anyone out. Anyone who wants to be a part of it is welcome, and encouraged, for we and the Church were literally made for each other.

But back to tolerance: there’s no way it could work. My argument when this comes up is always that maybe murderers just really like killing people. Should they be allowed to do that, because that’s their belief? Who is to stop them if everything is tolerated? Should people just be allowed to say that those pants really make you look fat, because they feel passionately that it should be said?

Just get some common sense, people. Our society isn’t improving; no matter what kind of side you’re on, the other side is inevitably worse than it used to be.


4 thoughts on “Tolerance

  1. Eek! You do have a point. I don’t suspect there’s an easy way to understand unless you own the gospel on right and wrong. I tend to have a pretty flexible “tolerance meter,” but still there are several rubs I take license with. I believe that what we do and say and think and feel starts out with “a” right intention. Somewhere along the path, our thoughts and feelings and doings, and sayings go awry. My beloved foster mother always said: “Charity begins at home.” That’s where, in my opinion, tolerance or the lack of resides. In the end, we must seek out our highest and best. I would then ask myself: Does my level of tolerance for what goes on in this world butt up against what I consider to be my highest and best??? Finally, I would ask myself: “How’s that serving me?”

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    1. I appreciate you saying this, because when I started writing this post I knew exactly where I was going with it, and at the end I thought “okay, this argument is so weak I could testify against myself!” Thank you for making it sound like I’m not insane. 😀
      But you are certainly right; charity does play a big role in deciding what should and should not be tolerated. And I think that a lot of people who preach tolerance really miss that key factor.

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  2. I think tolerance is not necessarily being accepting of everything. Being accepting of everything is actually not a good thing – it means you don’t have a boundary as regards to what is acceptable (which is why things like drug abuse, promiscuity and violence has become normal in societies).
    If I could echo your sentiment – homosexuality is completely prohibited in my religion, and thus, offends me too. I won’t be friends with a homosexual person. However, I’m not going to ridicule, maim or persecute somebody simply because they’re gay.
    For me, tolerance is strength in one’s own convictions while giving others the courtesy to have the same in theirs, as long as it endangers no one. Tolerance, in my book, should not be extended where it promotes tyranny, villainy or infamy.

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