Finding Nemo: A Movie Review

Finding Nemo is the story of an overprotective father fish who drives his son to do something stupid dangerous, and the son gets caught by a diver dentist in the process.

No, actually, it’s a really sweet story of a father overcoming anything and everything to find his son, but I just sometimes can have a very twisted view of things!

Anyway, the father, Marlin, faces every kind of fear, befriends a forgetful blue fish named Dory, and never wavers in his quest to search the whole ocean if necessary to find his son. Meanwhile, Nemo befriends the fish in his tank, who all help him come up with a plan to get home before it’s too late.

This movie is Pixar, and so I like it for that reason. And any time we are looking at Sydney, the Tank Gang, or Nigel (hearts!) I love it. It’s just that Marlin. Gets. On. My nerves. Even when trying to be positive, he is annoying. And that’s why when everyone talks about how much they love this movie, I have to admit that it never spoke to me in the way others did. I like Marlin so much more in Finding Dory, but we’re not talking about that movie today.

But it really is a very interesting story, and very cleverly written, making us all cry over a bunch of fish in a way only Pixar can manage. And it was the highest-grossing animated movie for a while there, so there’s that.

I realize that was a horrible review, but sometimes writers dry up a little, and they need to write through the dry periods anyway.

p sherman



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