Finding Nemo: A Movie Review

Finding Nemo is the story of an overprotective father fish who drives his son to do something stupid dangerous, and the son gets caught by a diver dentist in the process.

No, actually, it’s a really sweet story of a father overcoming anything and everything to find his son, but I just sometimes can have a very twisted view of things!

Anyway, the father, Marlin, faces every kind of fear, befriends a forgetful blue fish named Dory, and never wavers in his quest to search the whole ocean if necessary to find his son. Meanwhile, Nemo befriends the fish in his tank, who all help him come up with a plan to get home before it’s too late.

This movie is Pixar, and so I like it for that reason. And any time we are looking at Sydney, the Tank Gang, or Nigel (hearts!) I love it. It’s just that Marlin. Gets. On. My nerves. Even when trying to be positive, he is annoying. And that’s why when everyone talks about how much they love this movie, I have to admit that it never spoke to me in the way others did. I like Marlin so much more in Finding Dory, but we’re not talking about that movie today.

But it really is a very interesting story, and very cleverly written, making us all cry over a bunch of fish in a way only Pixar can manage. And it was the highest-grossing animated movie for a while there, so there’s that.

I realize that was a horrible review, but sometimes writers dry up a little, and they need to write through the dry periods anyway.

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The Media of 2017

Apparantly 2013 was a great year for movies. I don’t really see it that way. In fact, the only ones I can remember caring about were The Desolation of Smaug, which made me pop veins it was so bad, and Monsters University, which was great, but not as great as I’d hoped.

But 2017…2017 man is the year to watch things. Let’s just do a quick run-down of some of the amazing movies and TV shows that will be coming out in 2017:

1. Beauty and the Beast (March 17)

2017 B&TB.pngI can’t even. I am so excited for this; I don’t think I’ve been so excited since the Hobbit movies. Let’s just hope this is considerably better. That shouldn’t be too hard.

But seriously, have you seen the cast? Emma Watson, Dan Stevens, Luke Evans, Ewan McGregor, Ian McKellen, and Emma Thompson??? I know there are more, but these are the ones I care about.

2. Sherlock Season 4 (January)

Sherlock Season 4.png

Like duh. Because we all know how I feel about this show. I’m just lucky it’ll be happening the first day of the New Year. 3 more days, 3 more days…it’s gonna be phenomenal. Seriously, go watch this show now if you haven’t. Or even if you have. Continue reading “The Media of 2017”

Secret Santa and the Meaning of Life

What?? Violetta didn’t die? Because that’s what we thought when she said she was coming back and then didn’t!

Yeah, I know. But hopefully the upcoming months will be better. I’ll be juggling about four plays, six college classes, a job, and possibly moving to Texas…all at the same time. I think blogging will be the only way to keep sane.

What that means is that my blog will undergo a little bit of revamping. I could try to relate my hectic life to LOTR, Pixar, and Acting on their corresponding days, and that would be fun, but it would also be another thing I’d always be thinking about. Like “today was my guitar class, and I was reminded of that scene in Monsters University when Mike rode through the hippie bunch on the pig…” So instead I’ll probably come up with some new categories, or I’ll leave the old ones there and pretty much only post in The Corner of Randomness. Continue reading “Secret Santa and the Meaning of Life”

Twenty Minutes

Day 20 of the June 1-30 Challenge.

If you could have a hot line to any person, dead or alive, who would it be? Who would you want to chat with if you only had twenty minutes on the hot line? What would you tell them?

If I could have a hotline to anybody, I would choose J. R. R. Tolkien. Of course. There were several names that came to mind; Sacagawea, Colin O’Donoghue, Natalie Portman, St. Peregrine…but I know Tolkien is truly my hero.


I’d be terrified of talking to him- I’ve  heard he could be quite gruff, and I’m scared to answer my own mother on the phone. But in my 20 minutes with him I would say “How do you deal with the sudden fame because of people who never knew you, the sudden fandoming over your beautiful creation, the sudden…commercializing of your universe? Oh, and your stories would be my religion if I weren’t already Catholic.” I wouldn’t want to say anything that would make him mentally put me in a category of the fickle public, but I wouldn’t want him to think I was unmoved, either.

Of course, if someone actually handed me the phone and told me Tolkien was waiting, I’d probably freak and ask for Natalie Portman instead. I respect my favorite author too much to bother him with my insignificant praise.

Fellowship Members in 17 Syllables

I wanted to write my Two Towers movie review, but I didn’t have time, because it’s my brothers’ birthday! So instead you get haikus about each member of the Fellowship. Yay…


Once grey, and then white
Much more than just fireworks
Powerful, but kind.


Seemed mysterious
A Ranger who became king
Had a lot of names.


Happiest member
Skilled with a bow and arrows:
Perfect as always. Continue reading “Fellowship Members in 17 Syllables”

A-Z Challenge, Days 18-20


Part 6 of my A-Z Challenge. I can see the end! And I already know what I’m doing for X and Z, so HA! Today’s theme is LOTR (and by that I mean anything by or about Tolkien):

April 21: R is for Roverandom

I finally read it! Roverandom is a children’s book that Tolkien wrote for his son Michael when said son’s favorite toy dog went missing. I’ve been wanting to read it forever, and I finally did!

It is clearly a children’s book. Tolkien has two different story-telling styles that I’ve seen: a playful one for children (used in The Hobbit, Farmer Giles of Ham, and Roverandom), and a more serious, inspired, other-worldly one for every Middle-earth story that wasn’t The Hobbit.

It was really interesting, and really fun (and funny!) to read. I can’t believe it took me this long! But anyway, I recommend it as highly as every single other word Tolkien penned. Continue reading “A-Z Challenge, Days 18-20”

A-Z Challenge, Days 15-17


Wow, and now this one is up a day late. Not for lack of material though, but for lack of time.

Here is my A-Z challenge Part 5. Yay.

April 18: O is for Oh my gracious, I have an audition today

I hate auditions. I mean, it’s part of acting, so the word gets me excited, but when they happen I yell at myself for getting into show biz. That said, I’ve never shown up to an audition and not gone in. Which I can’t say for job interviews.

I use theater talk, so for me it’s not halftime, it’s intermission, and it’s not a congregation, it’s an audience. But a job interview is not an audition, it’s just a plain job interview. Because I feel like a job interview is real life, and if you screw it up, you’re branded as a failure forever. But an audition, even if it’s competitive, is for the world of make believe, so if you fail you simply lost a game.  Continue reading “A-Z Challenge, Days 15-17”

Easter in Middle-earth

I really wanted to do an Easter post on Easter, but obviously that didn’t happen. But its still Easter week, so it still counts!

This year is very interesting, because it is believed that we actually celebrated Easter on the real day Jesus rose from the dead. Supposedly He died on the exact day He was conceived: March 25. The Feast of the Annunciation. Now I hear all this talk about we don’t really know when He died, or when He was conceived, or when He was born, because there are no dates in the Bible, but I think if we have a God-inspired Bible telling us everything else, we probably know those dates for a reason.

And March 25 is a very important day in Middle-earth as well. It’s the day the Ring was destroyed in Mount Doom, and Sauron’s reign was ended. Tolkien always said he didn’t mean to put Catholic analogies in his book, and I believe him, but I also say he was clearly writing under the influence of his religion. Otherwise, it is strange coincidence that the Fellowship set out from Rivendell on December 25, and that Galadriel is called the Lady of Light, which is a name for the Blessed Mother, and that the coming of age year for Hobbits (33) is the year Jesus died.

There are other significant Middle-earth events that happened this day as well. Gandalf and Thorin met in Bree, and that’s how the events of The Hobbit were set in motion, Frodo and his friends returned to the Shire after their journey, and Sam’s daughter Elanor was born.

But the most remarkable thing of course was that the day evil was destroyed in Middle-earth was the very day that the gates of Heaven were reopened for mankind.

I hope you all have a blessed and happy Easter season.


The Big Questions

Let’s get real here. That’s right–up close and personal. I probably won’t do a post like this again. Prepare to be offended, unless you are my long-lost twin.

Every day in my Reader I see posts about looking for the good, or how people in third world countries are suffering, or how bloggers are making journeys of self-discovery. And then I see my posts, which are about how Jessie makes me cry or who would win in a battle between Aragorn and Beren. And I think, how superficial the blogosphere must think I am.

So why do I not discuss the deeper issues? Because I have major depression, first of all. And a passionate nature that will flare up when I see something I know is wrong. Those two combined lead to a not very pleasant existence when I get caught up in major debates that actually matter. My body clenches up, and I start making groping movements with my hands, and I get literally heated up to the point of sweating, and I have this desire to smash everything, and I have to go calm myself down by watching a movie or something, or I will cry until the point of dehydration. Basically, I turn into the Hulk when I see someone having an outrageous opinion.

So I opt out.

I stay out of politics, I stay out of religion, I stay out of every topic that will have people resort to curse words to get their point across. I eventually had to drop out of the Middle-earth loop while the Hobbit movies were a thing, because all the changes from the book were making my veins pop. Continue reading “The Big Questions”

The Trouble with Tauriels

Tauriel. You all know her. Or if you don’t then I’m envious of you, and sorry for informing you of her. This is the horrid girl Elf that invaded the Hobbit movies, and made them more horrible than they already were. There will be no pictures, because I don’t really feel like gouging my eyes out at the sight of her again.

Why is it that with the Stars Wars fanbase, everyone is on the same page? Seriously, I’ve never heard anyone say a good thing about Jar Jar, or Episode II Anakin, or about the prequels in general. But everyone loves Luke, the originals, and The Force Awakens.

I will likely be stating my views on this in another post.

And yet with the Hobbit movie fanbase, there is an evenly divided line between hating Tauriel and loving her. I am here to state that if you have any kind of good feelings for this demon of a insane man’s creation, then you are not truly a Tolkien fan. Starting with the fact that Evangeline Lilly has claimed to be a fan since she was 13. (*cough* I was 11) Oh, please. She’s as much a fan of Tolkien as Joe Biden is a Catholic. Continue reading “The Trouble with Tauriels”